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Satori Farm has been created with a unique concept in mind - a destination for people to experience a different side of life. A place for contemplation, creativity and for opening awareness of the calming influence of the beautiful natural landscape.

The lodge itself is unique - set on a mountaintop looking out over spectacular views and built from hay bales, the grass grown, harvested and baled on the farm. Springwater is fed to the lodge which source is an underground stream on the farm. Power is supplied by the sun. The idea of Satori is for guests to relax, enjoy the stunning setting, stroll in the indigenous forest, hike up the mountain (for those more energetic!), take a dip in the river and to completely absorb the natural beauty.

But not only this, we encourage guests to play, to take part in the art workshops, to get their hearts pulsing whilst beating on a drum, get involved with baking delicious breads and other goodies or just sit, have a glass of wine with their hosts and chat about life.

Accomodation is available for up to 10 guests sharing - ideal for team building events and other group bookings or for individuals who don't mind getting to know new people. The recreation building is spacious, open to the inviting country kitchen and has a magnificent fireplace. And of course the food - delicious country style meals created by the host with home grown ingredients.

At Satori Farm you will have the experience of a lifetime and each moment will be remembered as unique.



One of the only lodges in SA totally off the grid. Eco-friendly and pet friendly.

Accommodation consists of 4 bedrooms + a loft bedroom, simply furnished but comfortable. There are three bathrooms (STB). The communal area is spacious, the kitchen has all you need (no microwave, no fridge, guests to bring cooler boxes with ice. A freezer is available.

As we live off the grid and would like people to experience the beauty and simplicity and disconnect from the busy-ness of life we do not have tvs.


Most people think that going on holiday or taking a weekend break is about fitting in as many activities as you can in a short space of time - its exhausting! And don't you do that almost every day anyway? Run around trying to fit in as much as possible?

We have the perfect place for you to totally unwind, de-stress, relax and enjoy the simple things in life.

Go for long walks, read a book, relax by the fireside with a glass of wine, sleep in late, eat delicious home cooked meals - all the simple things in life that one just doesn't get to do anymore.

And if you like you can get creative with the owner who, apart from being hostess, chef and general manager - is also an artist.

We invite you to visit us at Satori for a complete getaway.

YOGA WEEKEND 17th to 19th October 2014

Yoga means yoke or unite so let us unite likeminded people for a weekend of Yoga, meditation, Pranayama, connection with ourselves as well as the earth around us and some well-deserved relaxation. Join us at a beautiful, rustic place of tranquility to gently work our bodies and minds into unison and needed cohesion.

R1350pp all inclusive for the weekend


Our rates are affordable and we can accommodate up to 10 guests.

To book: Contact Louise on 082 551 7402 or e-mail

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Would highly recommend Satori farm to anybody looking for a bit of peace and tranquility in this majestic establishment. I had the pleasure of a weekend here and loved every minute of my stay. The owners Lou and Geoff are just amazing hosts and make you feel so welcome. A truly enjoyable weekend off the beaten track and look forward to another visit soon.
Dean Bernhardi, South Africa 2014/05/28
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